Thursday, March 17, 2011

Days Of Our Lives (From Summer 1966 - 1 Of 2)

FEATURED Julie Olsen has an important decision to make regarding her future

Meanwhile, Dr. Tom Horton recalls an altercation he had with his son Dr. Bill Horton & has another one as Marie & Craig return home from the hospital following Marie's miscarriage but when Marie attempts to go upstairs to her room, she is haunted by the sound of a crying baby coming from (What would've been!) the room of her baby had she been able to carry it to full term

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IMDB Article On The Show

NOTE I have two episodes of this program HOWEVER I'm not sure which episode was broadcast first, this one or the other one posted on YouTube. If someone has the answer, PLEASE shoot me an email as I like to post the episodes of each program in the order in which they are broadcast. Thanks :)

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